Lego Made a 3 Foot Functional Wind Turbine, and it’s AWESOME!


Lego’s are a familiar and favorite childhood toy for many, and a literal pain in the foot for many parents. The colorful plastic blocks have come a long way over the years. What were originally simple sets of building blocks that you could use your imagination with.

They now include a wide variety of design specific playsets that tie into major movies (Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, and many more) and a multitude of other themes. One of their latest takes the overall theme of the playset to a new level though.

They have a working model of a wind turbine, and the blocks themselves are made from a plastic that is derived from plant based materials instead of the usual petroleum base that most plastics are made of.

It is part of their overall push to make all their manufacturing to a more environmentally friendly method and why not launch that idea with a playset that is centered around renewable energy!