2880sqft Contemporary Container Home Design

2880sqft 25k Shipping Container Home
A shipping container home could be implemented in lieu of a traditional stick built house.

Contemporary Container Home: 4BR 2 bath 2880 square foot

2880sqft $25k Container Home

This is a 4BR 2 bath 2880 square foot contemporary designed shipping container home. It’s made from 5 steel shipping containers, 2 of them form the south wing, and 3 stacked atop each other to form the north wing of the home.

A key function of this house is the South facing sloped roof with a huge solar array for the power system of the home. The panels sit flat on the sloped roof, however the angle is adjustable to maximize the efficiency of capturing sunlight during any time of year. You can look into custom home builders if you want to find quality family homes. Discover the builder that built the best custom home in Toronto.2880sqft $25k Container Home

The living space between the two wings is 16 feet wide by 40 feet long, 640 square feet on each floor, for a total of 1280 square feet of living space. The second story floor is connected between and support by the to ground floor containers which have been structurally reinforced with steel beams to support the added weight. The sloped roof is also supported with steel reinforcement. Consult with an Expert Roofer in Madison, WI for your next roofing project.

2880sqft $25k Container Home

Total floor space for the entire home is 2880 square feet. The top floor living area has 16 foot vaulted ceilings. Master bedroom is on the second floor and opens out onto the rear balcony.

2880sqft $25k Container Home

Power System: 60 250 watt PV solar panels 15,000 Watts of electricity! Sharp angled roof is point to the southern sky to maximize the solar energy capture. Technically this is really overkill on the power system, and it’s not cheap at $30k for the solar panels alone before the inverter or any other parts. You only really need about 5000 Watts for a home this size, which means your cost would be around $10,000 for the panels and say $5k for the remaining wiring and equipment. Do click here to find the best electricians in town whom you can rely on any situations.

This is another very simple design, maximizing the space and through simplicity and a minimalist approach with regard to placement of containers.

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