Wow! Floating Trees Cost Only 2 Cents To Produce!


Almost all the experts including tree services professional, agree that we need to replenish the world’s forests and plant more trees to help stem the tide of climate change, and to simply keep up with future demand for wood for a wide variety of products. There are numerous campaigns aimed at doing just that, but often it can be rather expensive to cultivate the seedlings that will help ensure that we are starting with a healthy stock that is primed to survive for generations. Finding ways to reduce the cost so that we can more easily, and affordably, provide the trees needed to move these projects forward would be a big breakthrough. You can check out a trusted tree service in Beaverton if you want to remove a tree to ensure the safety of your property or for public safety. 
Well, one man, Rodney Sidloski, has figured out a way to bring the costs down, way down. In fact, his method can help produce the seedlings and starters for around two cents per tree. That isn’t a typo, it really is just two cents! How did he do it? Well, he did it by starting with the traditional styrofoam base most already use, but instead of filling them with water from the top down and letting it be absorbed or drain out, he started to place them directly into water and allowing them to float. This method not only has proven to be much more cost effective due to a 90+% reduction in the water needed, but his saplings are able to survive through the winter, even when completely frozen, with almost zero loss of viable new trees. If you plant these at home, all you would need is a tree service to come and look after them every so often to ensure they thrive, and you’ll get to enjoy your nice new trees.  A tree service expert can also help keep your trees healthy and offer a method to cultivate new trees.