Stunning Off Grid Cabins From Koto Designs!


When it comes to living off grid there are an increasing number of options as to houses, cabins, and other shelters. We cover a variety of them here, such as shipping container homes, modular homes, wood cabins, tiny homes, and more which could be part of those Turnkey investment properties. The type of home you need for your off grid journey will depend on your needs and wants, but it is getting easier to find designs to fit numerous budgets and situations. While some people will choose to build their own off grid cabin, the options for those who want to buy a cabin or tiny home seem to grow every day. 

One company that offers numerous designs and options is Koto. Their modular, flat pack homes are created with a Scandanavian mindset, which is minimalist and efficient. Many of their tiny homes have hidden wall storage and fold down beds, which allow them to maximize space and storage. You can choose simple one bedroom units, or larger ones with up to four bedrooms. Of course, since each cabin is modular, you can add on if you want even more space and they even do custom orders to fit with any idea you may have.

Their building process is carbon neutral and they take an environmentally friendly approach, but the end result is a truly unique, and attractive, tiny home or cabin. Featuring large glass doors, which you can see at, and additional windows, they allow for a maximum level of natural light. The wood burning stoves provide ample heat to each unit as well. If your tastes run more towards luxury, you can even opt for an add-on sauna. The sharp angles roofs certainly give these Koto Designs cabins an unmistakable look, and they can be set up to run on or off the grid. They also need very little maintenance but if they get damaged, you may just hire a roofing company to conduct flat roof repair.