The Great Collapse is Coming! Are You Ready?


Get off grid NOW! The American economy is collapsing. If you don’t think so you’re naive. You need to go off grid now and get land far away from civilization, put up big fences and setup security to secure your homestead from intruders. Not kidding. The system cannot handle the weight of all the greed in the world today and the growing population on top of it. Something has to give. I for one don’t want to be anywhere near a big city when the SHTF. Not being paranoid. The numbers don’t lie. Population is growing and the resources just aren’t there to support it. Our system cannot support this many people and keep doing what we’re doing at the same time. Something is bound to break at some point and the system will collapse under the weight of greed and debt. It’s a house of cards ready to come tumbling down at any moment.

I used to think people that talked about the SHTF stuff were batsh*t crazy loons and woowoo people who were just paranoid. Now I’m not so sure and think that perhaps they were right all along.

Shawn James is one of those people I thought might be a little out there. He built this cabin in the Canadian wilderness. It’s the off grid dream that millions of people dream of. But he didn’t just build it to build a cabin for personal accomplishment. He built it also because he believes the world cannot support the number of people and the debt it’s under and thinks the available resources just cannot support an ever growing population.

I thought he was exaggerating and maybe was a bit crazy. I mean, I’m a bit crazy by some folks standards, but moving to the middle of nowhere to escape a coming economic collapse? I thought maybe that was a bit out there.

But it’s not. The more I look at it the more I see more and more people becoming homeless and destitute. Hell, I was homeless for a while (partly by choice because I was fed up with the system) but it’s all related.

People are saddled with massive student loan debt, medical bills, over priced rents and food prices that are outrageously high. Could that with stagnant and low wages, vanishing pensions and 401k’s, a national debt that’s ever growing, and economic policy that’s hitting the average American worker hard in the bank account and you have a recipe for disaster.

You have a recipe for economic collapse. Not just a recession. Not just a depression. But real-world, nationwide economic collapse. The kind that brings food riots and starvation to cities and millions of people. Think it can’t happen here in the USA? You’re wrong. It happened during the Great Depression and it very easily happen again. In fact it will probably happen sooner rather than later sue to the overwhelming debt the most Americans have right now.

Mortgage debt, student loan debt, medical debt, and credit card debt just to name a few of the most common. The average student loan debt in the USA is $37,172 according to CNBC.

Then you have medical bills. 42.9 million Americans have an average medical debt of about $1,766. That might seem like a small amount to some folks, but the interest on that debt, plus the interest on the student loan debt can be nearly a full month’s food bill. So, people are having to choose between paying the medical bills or putting food on the table. Guess what gets paid first? Food! The medical bills get out of hand.

$1766 is really not a lot. Some folks I know have $20k, $50k or $100k or more in medical bills.

This not only hurts them directly financially, it also hurts people’s credit. They say your medical debt doesn’t hurt your credit that much, that creditors don’t really look at that. But that’s BS. They do look at it and they will deny you credit for things you need. Like an apartment.

Think about this. If you medical debt and fallen behind on student loans, or  even just a few payments behind that can cost you tens of points off your credit score. That can cause you to get denied when applying for a lease at a new apartment. And you can forget about qualifying for a mortgage until you get your debt under control. The problem is most people can’t do it. They cannot work enough hours, go to school and work to pay down the debt fast enough so the debt gets out of control very quickly.

You can’t qualify for a home loan, car loan, apartment. So that means no shelter, no transportation. That means you have to pay cash for a car and live on a bad side of town and this further complicated issues. The car is probably mechanically inferior because you can’t afford a new mechanically sound car, and it will most likely breakdown, leaving you in danger of losing your job. Or jobs! Maybe you hav to work 2 jobs to keep up with the bills.

This is the same story for tens of millions of Americans. For people all over the world. The debt is getting out of control and it’s enslaving people to it. People are having to work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. It’s a constant struggle just to keep your head above water.

Eventually as more and more people get overwhelmed with the debt things will get worse. The national debt is the same way. Except it affects everyone! We can’t keep borrowing against our futures. We’re tapped out. We must get our debt under control.

Mortgages, student loans, medical debt, credit card debt. Then you have car loans and loans on appliances and all sorts of things. When it comes to  home insurance it is always better to know what does a notary do as they can help you to prevent fraud.

Food will become more expensive. And as all the expenses increase wages stagnate, people are getting laid off, their pensions are being stolen by greedy corporate execs and the whole system is eventually going to collapse under the weight of the debt that the greed is creating. The system cannot take this much greed and disparity. The people will revolt. The people will get fed up with the greedy people at the top sitting in the crystal towers downtown in cities all across the US looking down on all those “filthy peasants” down there wallowing in their own excrement (debt).

Meanwhile, we (the working class) keep the lights on, repair their cars, and find out about this Lynchburg auto repair by an experienced auto repair shop ( to get it done Know more about here) You can also check over here to learn about the car service that I depend on and also know more about it in detail, fix their buildings, make things better for them and we live on table scraps. This whole trickle down thing isn’t working because none of it is trickling down. It’s all going to the top in the form of tax cuts for the super rich and stolen pensions and layoffs, wage decreases and cutbacks. They’ll close hundreds of stores, layoff tens of thousands of workers,  and bankrupt the company, while also paying billions in dividends to rich shareholders and pay their execs tens of millions in bonuses…for bankrupting a company.

Sears is just one of those businesses!

The economy cannot take such greed.

Something has to give at some point.

When that will be is debatable. But what’s NOT debatable is the fact that sooner or later there’s going to be another downturn in the economy, and this next time might just be worse than the Great Depression.

The next time it might just be the Great Collapse.