Science And Facts Shouldn’t Be Political, But The Politicians Have Made It So.


While some want to keep politics out of places like this, our politicians can’t seem to help themselves and insist on telling outright lies about renewable energy. From the absurd claim that solar farms would somehow absorb all the sunlight and somehow kill off crops or increase climate change, to the more recent, and extremely asinine claim that windmill noise causes cancer, those in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry, or with personal beefs with wind farms due to their desire to keep them away from their golf courses, seem to have no problem simply making things up as they go along.

We focus on off grid living, and a part of that, often a big part, is the discussion of the facts around various forms of renewable energy. The science tells us that these attacks on renewables are outright lies, even the claim about decreasing property values fails to stand up to scrutiny, as several studies have shown that there is no correlation to property values and wind farms. Find out the truth with a lie detector test.

So, here in reality we know that wind farms do not cause cancer, but you know what is proven to cause cancer and other chronic and terminal diseases? Fossil fuels! From oil to coal, the burning of fossil fuels, the toxic fumes and dust from mining coal, and the waste runoff that ends up in our water supplies, are all proven to cause various forms of cancer, lung disease, asthma, and numerous other health problems. This shouldn’t be political. We aren’t the ones making it so. Instead, various politicians have decided to turn facts into a political game, and they do so in order to line their own pockets most of the time. We agree that there are a lot of issues that shouldn’t be about politics, but remember who it was that decided otherwise and that facts are somehow biased. It wasn’t us.