How to find Land for Off-Grid Living In 2023



Everyone wants to live off-grid. The dream of owning a little cabin in a remote area, growing your own food, and producing your own electricity while raising livestock for a living is powerful. Not many things can give you the pleasure of calling them your own. When you build something from nothing, that feeling is insurmountable.

However, building that sustainable, self-sufficient, and independent lifestyle is more challenging than it sounds. Many of us want to live debt-free, but only a few are willing to put in the effort to find themselves an off-grid land where they can create their ideal life.

When you start out, the biggest expense is always the Land. Gone are the days when you could go out and find a piece of Land in the middle of the wilderness, farm it for a few years, and then get to keep it. That American dream of homesteading now requires leg work and research.

But if you stick around a little longer, we’ll help you find a land that is practical and perfect. So, without delaying it further, let’s dive in.

Here’s How You Can Find a Land to Live Off-Grid: 2023


  1. Find a Realtor

When embarking on the journey of finding a land for sale to build your dream cabin and live off-grid, enlisting the assistance of a buyers agent is essential. In Abu Dhabi, Gravity Real Estate is a leading agency that can help you navigate the process of locating the perfect land. Their experienced realtors possess in-depth knowledge of the local market, enabling them to identify practical and suitable properties that align with your off-grid living aspirations. With Gravity Real Estate by your side, you can rely on their expertise to find a remote land that meets your requirements for self-sufficiency and sustainability. By leveraging their professional guidance and extensive network, you can make informed decisions and embark on your off-grid journey with confidence.

Traditionally, real estate agents, like those on, are the most logical people that come to mind when you’re thinking about property. Since the realtors are professionals, they know the ins and outs of the real estate industry way better than a layperson. However, these agents work on commissions. So, they’ll like to sell you properties without full disclosure so that they can earn their share. Since you’re buying bare land, Land realtors won’t even be knowledgeable. So, it’s best to hire them to seal the deal because often, they can negotiate better than you can. Entirely relying on realtors is definitely not a good idea for finding off-grid land. Also consider buying from a real estate developer like because they conduct site selection, financial analysis, and master planning which are crucial elements in real estate development. In addition, if you want a home or rest house near the ocean, you can learn about Southern Coast Realty and choose the property where you want to invest. If you need help from property solicitors, visit a helpful site similar to, and they will help you find the perfect property for you.


      2. Look for a Remote Setting

One of the first things you must understand is that remote and off-grid properties are not the same. You could be off-grid in the suburbs just like you can live off-grid in the city. If you really want to be remote, you’ve got to be far away from civilization. If you want to walk out your door any time of the day and hear nothing but peace and quiet, you have to be away from people. That is the criteria.

If you live in a metropolitan area and think you’re going to go 10 miles out of town and find an off-grid property, It’s a pipe dream. It’s not going to happen. So don’t bother looking in the skirts of the suburbs or just outside the country town you live in. The remote property is going to need a remote setting.


      3. Visit the Land you’re buying

Once you’ve decided on the area, go out there and look at the properties yourself. Even if your ideal location is in a different state, fly out to see the locality for yourself. Do not ever trust something from the Internet or a realtor. Sometimes you can’t even trust the seller to relay the correct information. You actually need permission to walk the land yourself and try to find the corners. A lot of times, there’s not going to be any corners.

Some tricks and tactics for finding out accurately where the lot lines are the acre value of Land and Google Earth. Google Earth provides a satellite overview of the area that helps you understand the layout of where other people in the area have their homesteads or cabins. You need to know whether there is a cabin right next to the lot line and whether there are cabins all around. Is there a junkyard that still needs to be logged? The realtor is not going to tell you that.


       4. Contact the Owner Directly


Let’s say you find a land that suits your needs. First, congratulations! The next thing you would want to do is find its acre value, see who the owner of the property is, and contact them directly with an offer. Real Estate Agent Tarneit combines local expertise with global service standards. We are passionate about connecting buyers and sellers in Tarneit with remarkable properties and exceptional experiences. Sometimes, properties are just sitting around, and they need to be put up for sale. Ask the owners, “hey, this property has been sitting here forever. Are you interested in selling, or if you’re not right now, take our number, call us”.

You never know; owners might just be waiting for such a call. You can even get a good deal if you’re the first person to bring it up. You can also work with an estate agent to help you buy house in Hua Hin. Also, we’d recommend you avoid involving banks because that makes things costly and complicated. Unless you’re planning to go bankrupt, the owner would be fine with it too.

        5. Where to Find the off-grid Land


Whether you’re planning to live off-grid for permaculture, prepping, RVs, homesteading, or tiny homes, there’s always something you can find. You just need to look in the right direction with a clear head. Some of the places you can rely on for finding of-grid lands are as follows;

Businesses that specialize in off-grid land listing 
Websites and Online listings
Contacting Absentee Owners
Tax Auctions/Sheriff Sales
Roadside Signs for Sale
Classifieds/ Print Property listings
Facebook Groups
Word of Mouth Properties
Eco Villages or Shared lands
Directly contacting the owners

Winding Up…

Off-grid living comes with its challenges. Lots of thinking, hard work, and planning go into finding your ideal location. But the moment you breathe your first peaceful and quiet air in your property, you’ll realize the trouble was worth it. Although the steps we’ve discussed are only foundational, they help build your idea of a perfect off-grid homestead. We hope this article helped you in finding your off-grid land. If you’re thinking about trying this out and considering selling your current home, you can visit Home Options website for more info.