Charge Your SmartPhone with this Flexible Compact Solar Charger


These days there are more than a few gadgets for charging your phone and other devices on the go. Most either use standard solar cells, or they require you to charge them and carry them with you as a backup battery of sorts. The smaller, more compact devices are often the variety that require you to pre-charge them to use later for a limited number of recharges, which can be fine if you are only out and about for a few hours or a day. If you are going camping, or spending several days outdoors and away from easy access to electricity, you need to look into a charger that uses solar cell technology.

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One such device comes from InfinityPV, a company that specializes in flexible, printable, solar cell devices and technology. Their charges can be rolled in and out, making them more compact while providing more power and larger solar panels than most other solar charging kits. The compact nature makes them ideal for taking with you on trips, and could prove vital if you happen to need emergency services while far away from home.

Check out a video of one of their products here:

World's Most Compact Solar Charger

This compact solar charger has a retractable solar panel and a battery.

Posted by Startup Selfie on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Solar technology is advancing exponentially. Imagine 3D printed flexible solar film that can be placed on the windows of every building in every city in the world. We would have more energy than we could every use. Soon the entire world will be powered by solar energy. Oh wait! It already is. Every planet on the solar system and every life form on earth is here because the sun exists and it’s solar energy not only holds all the planets in place it supports all life on earth. It only makes sense that we use it to power our homes and businesses…in the meantime while this technology advances we can power our smart phones and small electronic devices. The whole world will soon be powered by solar energy.

This is an exciting time indeed.