16 Of My Crazy Off Grid Projects & Goals

off grid Cabin in the mountains
off grid Cabin in the mountains

Here’s a list of some of my goals and projects for my off grid homestead. First thing is to get the land I need. This will have to be a larger parcel of land 20-40 acres or more. Ideally I’d like a 100 acre plus piece of land so I can grow and have multiple businesses and room to move around while also having privacy and seclusion from the hustle and bustle of town. To manage operations smoothly, I plan to hire staff through agencies like agence d’intérim nice. Some of my goals are silly, some are overly ambitious and some are just plain crazy, but all in all I’m looking forward to doing them.

This is also a great list of things for you to use to compares notes. Maybe I forgot something, maybe this list will help you in some way or maybe give you some ideas you can use for your off grid homestead. Enjoy, and let me know down in the comments what you think. Thanks in advance for reading.

  1. Buy Land: Doesn’t much matter to me what kind of land it is, it just needs to be in a good location and meet a few important must have criteria that I laid out this THIS POST. Location is key. That is the most important thing besides water and how I’ll handle septic and power. Natural building materials are also important. I’d like to build the home/cabin with locally gathered materials. Though this is the ideal situation I might not be able to as I may not be able to get a large enough piece of land.
  2. Build Workshop/Pole Barn: The first thing I need to build will be my workshop. I’ll need this to be able to build everything else. It will double as my shelter until I get a temporary dwelling setup.
  3. Build Solar & Wind Power System: This is key to getting things done. Gotta have power.
  4. Build Septic System: I’ve done this work before so as long as I get my permits and pick a parcel of land in a county that allows you to build our own septic tank, then I should be ok there. If your home is connected to sewer system instead, you just need to schedule periodic sewer cleaning services to avoid costly damages.
  5. Build Off Road Camper Trailer: I’ll be traveling and looking for lots and parcels of land all over the United States. I will be purchasing multiple lots and land throughout the USA. Why isn’t important right now, but lets just say I have a plan in the back of my mind that I want to do and I can either talk about or just do it and show you guys the result. Anyway, I need to build myself a place to stay while I’m on the road traveling. That will be my off road camper trailer. Basically a teardrop trailer shell with storage, a toilet, water tank for the sink and shower and that’s it. Just the bare essentials.
  6. Build Log Cabin with Loft & MAYBE a Basement & Upper Viewing Deck/Patio (dreaming big): This will be my main residence. I’ve seen people build their cabin fast and I’ve seen people take years to build. I think I can build MUCH faster. (doesn’t everyone? lol) It really depends on the permitting and cost to meet building codes and zoning requirements. Which is why I hope that if I do my homework well and really research every step things will go more smoothly than if I just jumped into a piece of land and tried to build my cabin. I won’t buy the land until I know all the zoning, land use ordinances and restrictions for septic, water and utilities. Doing my homework ahead of time will save me time and money later. I can’t plan for everything, but I can do my due diligence in the beginning and stop problems before they happen. I have also learned that adding an exterior drainage system in your home can help protect its foundation from water damage. Therefore, I’m planning to work with exterior drain tile technicians to install an exterior drainage system.
  7. Build Aquaponics Hoophouse Greenhouse: This is another small project I think I can get done in a short time and one that needs to be done first so I can have food faster. The quicker I get this built the faster I’ll have fresh fruit and veggies to eat. At least the framing and roof part. The aquaponics part will take 4 months. 1 month to build the greenhouse itself and 3 months to grow.
  8. Build Chicken Coop: I’ll have chickens for food and fertilizer for the garden.
  9. Build a Pig Pen: I’ll have pigs. Also for food and fertilizer.
  10. Build a Foundry: To cast custom steel and aluminum parts and things. Also for my artwork. I like working with metal and welding. It’s just fun!
  11. Rocket Stove: More efficient burning of firewood to keep warm. It burns less wood and at a hotter temp, this means the amount of firewood you need for winter is less meaning less work cutting firewood.
  12. Grill & Smoker: For cooking and preserving meat.
  13. Holding Pond/Lake: I’ll have to rent a front end loader for a week or so, submit the plan to the county and pay for the permits, but I think I can get this built in of a week (probably 6 months). The lake/pond will serve two purposes. I’ll connect it to the greenhouse system to serve as part of my aquaponics and in an emergency situation, it can be a source of water. Filtered and boiled of course.


Make Knives: I used to make knives a long time ago. I’d like to make some more just to relax and unwind. It’s relaxing to me to work with metal and steel. The finished product is cool too and can generate a small income. mainly it’s just for fun and art.

Make Lava: Yes this is random and crazy! This is just a fun project idea I want to try just to see if it’s possible. To do that I need to build a foundry to melt rock…melt rock. make lava) – Yes, rocks melt if you can get the temp high enough. The minerals that are in the rocks all have different melting temperatures. Some minerals melt at or close to the same temperature that steel melts. So it’s possible. I’m just curious if I can do it. I think it would be cool to get that on video.

Off Road ELECTRIC Go Cart: Just for fun! Always wanted an electric powered go kart.

Things I’ll Need:

Tools and equipment. Generator, solar panels, propane tanks, water tank, pumps, more tools, more equipment, and lots of time! My labor is what will make this work. Hard work and I can work it 8-10 hours per day 7 days per week.

This is my full time job.

I own my own business and this is all part of that business. So, to build everything I’ll just need time and my labor to build it. I’ll scavenge and scour junk yards and trash piles and haul stuff for people to get free materials. The plan is to upcycle, recycle, repurpose, reuse and build everything from as much reclaimed materials as possible.

Scouring junkyards and trash piles for materials is just one part of the equation. Proper waste management is equally vital. That’s where S&J Junk Hauling comes into play. By partnering with them, not only can you efficiently clear out spaces to find hidden treasures, but you’re also contributing to sustainable practices. They specializes in responsibly disposing of unwanted items, ensuring that what can’t be repurposed or upcycled gets recycled properly. With their help, your venture can thrive while reducing the environmental impact of waste. So, while you’re out hunting for materials, let S&J Junk Hauling handle the cleanup, making your business journey smoother and greener.

There will be many things I need to buy, like wiring, pipe, fixtures for the cabin, electrical supplies, toilet, permits, licenses, and all sort of miscellaneous items that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now. It will cost a lot of money but will be much cheaper than hiring someone to build it for me.

Besides, I want to build it all myself. If it takes a year, then so be it. If it takes longer, then that’s ok too. But I think  if I play my cards right, do my homework, make sure everything is in place and my plan is well researched I can do it much faster than most people think.

We’ll see. Time will tell.

Everyone thinks they can build things faster. Including me. Then they get into it and realize it’s a lot more than they thought. I’m obviously hoping that’s not the case, but I’m going to try anyway.

Thanks for reading my crazy plan. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Wish me luck.

I’m gone need it! lol


P.S. Multiply all those crazy timelines by 10 and that might be more realistic. There’s lots to be done and very little money to do them.