Amazing Solar Powered Shipping Container Home

Solar Powered Shipping Container Home
Beautiful Solar Powered Shipping Container Home

Beautiful Solar Powered Shipping Container Home – Would you live here? This solar powered shipping container home is an off grid homesteaders dream. The Western ideal that has been pitched to most of us since we were children, is that of owning a good sized home, a yard, and essentially, just owning a lot of stuff. The problem with that is simply that is isn’t ideal for everyone, or even most people when you get down to it.

The cost of owning a large home can be much more than just the purchase price, or even more than we can measure in terms of dollars and cents. The upkeep on the modern ideal home can eat up hours of your day, entire weekends, which may be your only days off from the job you work to afford the big house to begin with, and less time spent with your family and friends, or simply pursuing other interests.

These are the sort of costs that drove one family in New Zealand to reconsider their lifestyle and move from a the modern concept of the ideal house, and move into a smaller home constructed of two, offset, 40 foot shipping containers.

IMAGE SOURCE: Youtube – 40ft Shipping Containers Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Family Home

Like many they felt they needed to move into bigger and bigger houses as their family grew, but along with that, they felt as if they were spending most of their time, energy, and money on maintaining their house, and less time on things that were more important to them.

Their shipping container home has a fairly large kitchen and living/sitting room, which opens up into a nice outdoor space via double fold glass doors.

The home is off the grid, utilizing solar panels, composting toilet, and has two bedrooms, one loft unit for the parents, and a combo unit for the kids with the two boys on the ground floor and the daughters bedroom in the loft section, which they plan to expand upon when their kids are older and need more of their own space, which given that shipping containers work like modules, shouldn’t be all that difficult when the time comes.