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14 is all about living off the grid, solar power, wind power, sustainable living, renewable energy, gardening, homesteading, and building your own off grid cabin. We know you’re looking for quality content, how-to’s, informative, fun and educational off grid information. If you enjoy growing your own food, preserving and canning at home, raising your own livestock for food, living off the grid and 100% self reliant then is for you. Subscribe to our free Off Grid News email list and be notified when we post a new post, share a video or publish a podcast on the site.

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Off Grid Cabins – specializes in informative “How-To” articles detailing how to build off grid cabins, designs, planning, and the how to source materials for your off grid cabin locally. We’ll teach you how to build your cabin from scratch using the materials from your land, saving you money and time.

Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycling – We believe in the best practices when it comes to the environment and using natural resources wisely while also reducing waste and our reliance on the system. Building wisely for the future and reusing as much as we can will help everyone in the long run.

Solar Power – Solar energy is the future. It already powers and supports all life on earth and without it we would not be here. It only makes sense that solar power is the way to power our technology and our lives. takes great pride in providing you with the best and latest information and solar power news from the solar energy industry as well as links to solar manufacturers and installers. We’re also adding an off grid store with all kinds of products so you can save money on the most important off grid supplies that you need to build your homestead affordably and sustainably.

Wind Energy – The winds of change are happening in the wind power industry as well. More and more local and state governments are turning to wind energy to power their cities and towns and help get us off the addiction to fossil fuels.

Energy Storage Systems: Batteries – You must have batteries to effectively store the energy you collect with your solar array and wind power system to live off the grid and be 100% self sufficient. Battery technology has advanced exponentially (so has solar panel efficiency) to the point that energy generation/collection and highly efficient energy storage systems are the norm now. There are more options, more manufacturers, and higher efficiency batteries that can withstand thousands of cycles more than their old fashioned lead acid counterparts. As battery technology advances so too do the off grid homesteader’s ability to collect and store energy for future use at an affordable price.

Homesteading! – Homesteading is everything off grid all rolled into one. Solar, wind, batteries, gardening, farming, growing, ranching, natural building, and a love of nature and the outdoors is everything every homesteader knows well. This is what life is about. Living independent disconnected from the grid and the crazy “civilized” world that everyone else lives in. Why anyone wouldn’t want to live off grid is beyond our comprehension. We love it! We live it! Each and every day. Off grid life is our life and brings that life to you.

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