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Water Purification – Key To Your Off-Grid Survival

The CDC claims; 2,200 children outside the US, are dying every day as a result of diarrheal diseases, and 88% of these...

Food Self-Sufficiency System Pt. 3 : Agricultural Options

Food independence is necessary for your off grid living especially if your reasons for getting off the grid include self-reliance. From a...

5 Revealed Costs – Money It Takes to Live Off Grid

Every one of us, when we first thought about going off grid, wondered how much it would cost, and whether we can...

Canned Food Shelf Life – Off Grid Living Smart

Everyone has been in a situation where you throw out that can of green beans just because it’s a week past its...

Protect your Off-Grid Home: 7 Non-Lethal Weapons

Home defense and protecting your family is essential. The law varies from state to state, but in most states you are allowed...

Food Self-Sufficiency Pt. 2 : Build your Aquaponics System

Recycling is the concept of an aquaponics system, since all the water used by fish is considered to be rich in all...

Food Self-Sufficiency : Aquaponics System Pt. 1

For the next several weeks my articles would be targeting the topic of food self-sufficiency and production. The Food Self Sufficiency series...

Control Your Food: Off-Grid Food Independence

Finally, people seem to be thinking more and more about food independence. That's excellent and something we hold as a central tenet...

Waste Streams: Your Off-Grid Living Management Guide

Living off-grid can be extremely rewarding for those who wishes to lead a more sustainable life. However, with many changes that need...

Time For Heating Your Off-Grid Home?

Since the existence of humans living at home it has been proven that cold homes are bad for health. Hence, people usually...

Water Systems Options: For Your Off-grid Living

A steady supply of drinkable water is the single most important factor in deciding where to settle down and live. It has...

Build a Green Living Wall: Off-grid Living Smartly

Living walls. Green walls. Vertical gardens. They are a great way to introduce greenery into your home and refresh a space, and...