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How to Dehydrate Fruit: Off-Grid Living for Snacks and Storage

Dehydrating fruit is ideal for storing nutritious snacks without having to rely on your freezer because freezers require electricity. However, to make...

How to Survive a Flood – Before and After

Every era in human history has dealt with devastating floods. Some are a product of hurricanes; others stem from a volcanic eruption...

Keeping Food Cool Without Electricity – Off-Grid Living

What happens if a storm hits, and you’re without power for a week or longer? How long would your food supply last...

What is the Cost of Building a Small House?

Over the past few years, Off-Grid Living has informed so much information on off-grid living topics. A question that keeps coming up...
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10 Things To Know Before Moving Off-Grid

For many people when they have found their off-grid homestead, they know next to nothing about off-grid systems. Many want to move...

Food Self-Sufficiency System Pt.4: Livestock Options

Living off the grid on your homestead or bug out home can come with many challenges. Along with these challenges, there can...

Water Purification – Key To Your Off-Grid Survival

The CDC claims; 2,200 children outside the US, are dying every day as a result of diarrheal diseases, and 88% of these...

Food Self-Sufficiency System Pt. 3 : Agricultural Options

Food independence is necessary for your off grid living especially if your reasons for getting off the grid include self-reliance. From a...

5 Revealed Costs – Money It Takes to Live Off Grid

Every one of us, when we first thought about going off grid, wondered how much it would cost, and whether we can...

Canned Food Shelf Life – Off Grid Living Smart

Everyone has been in a situation where you throw out that can of green beans just because it’s a week past its...

Protect your Off-Grid Home: 7 Non-Lethal Weapons

Home defense and protecting your family is essential. The law varies from state to state, but in most states you are allowed...

Food Self-Sufficiency Pt. 2 : Build your Aquaponics System

Recycling is the concept of an aquaponics system, since all the water used by fish is considered to be rich in all...