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Food Self-Sufficiency Pt. 2 : Build your Aquaponics System

Recycling is the concept of an aquaponics system, since all the water used by fish is considered to be rich in all...

Food Self-Sufficiency : Aquaponics System Pt. 1

For the next several weeks my articles would be targeting the topic of food self-sufficiency and production. The Food Self Sufficiency series...

Control Your Food: Off-Grid Food Independence

Finally, people seem to be thinking more and more about food independence. That's excellent and something we hold as a central tenet...

Waste Streams: Your Off-Grid Living Management Guide

Living off-grid can be extremely rewarding for those who wishes to lead a more sustainable life. However, with many changes that need...

Time For Heating Your Off-Grid Home?

Since the existence of humans living at home it has been proven that cold homes are bad for health. Problems and diseases...

Water Systems Options: For Your Off-grid Living

A steady supply of drinkable water is the single most important factor in deciding where to settle down and live. It has...

Build a Green Living Wall: Off-grid Living Smartly

Living walls. Green walls. Vertical gardens. They are a great way to introduce greenery into your home and refresh a space, and...

Building a Fire Pit for your Off-Grid Living

One of people's favorite things to do in the fall and winter is to invite friends and family over, and gather around...
Make your own 50 hrs. off-grid survival candles

Make Your Own 50 hrs. Off-Grid Survival Candles

Candles are an easy-to-use source of emergency lighting and it provides a little heat. More than just a good idea to have,...

Off-Grid Washing Machine

No matter how much you may love to wear your clothes for all sorts of reasons, there is nothing quite like having...

Solar Cooking Device: Off-Grid Heavy-Duty Oven

A solar oven is an effective energy-saving way to cook your food, it enriches a healthy lifestyle, and benefits the environment in many ways. People are discovering that solar energy is the least polluting and most inexhaustible of all know free energy sources.
Off-Grid Water

Gravity Fed Water System: Off-grid Shower

For many hundreds of years gravity fed water systems have been used to haul water from one place to another. Using the...